With the holidays right around the corner, it could be hard to figure out what to get those that are important to you in your life. Of course there are an array of seasonal gift guides that are out on the market, but they're all non-inclusive of Winc's offerings, which is problematic. With that being said, here's what Winc has to offer for the holidays this season.


Finke’s Sparkling White Blend and Summer Water Bubbly Rosé

Liz Abere

This 2017 sparkling white wine known as Finke's is perfect for the new year since you know... it's a sparkling wine, thus leading it to be slightly bubbly. Its regular price is $15.99 with its club member price being $12.99, has tasting notes of apple, honeysuckle, lemon and pineapple, is dry, and has an alcohol by volume level of 12.5%. 

If a sparkling white just doesn't float your boat or your taste buds, try Winc's 2018 Summer Water Bubbly Rosé. With its regular price being $25.99 and its club member price being $21.99, this rosé has an alcohol by volume level of 12.5% and has tasting notes of candied lemon, strawberry, watermelon and white peach.

Keep It Chill

Liz Abere

This chillable red is by far my favorite chillable red that's out on the market, as chillable reds become more popular on the wine market. Costing $19.99 regularly and $17.99 for club members, the wine itself is dry, has an alcohol by volume level of 12.7%, and has tasting notes of raspberry, red cherry, rhubarb and rosemary.

Folly of the Beast

Liz Abere

If you're wondering, this is a Pinot Noir that's also a fine wine. With a retail price of $18.99 regularly and $16.99 for club members, Folly of the Beast has an alcohol by volume level of 13.7% and tasting notes of cherry, cranberry, earth and pomegranate.

Gift Sets

Pop Collection

Liz Abere

Retailing for $45 on Winc's website, this seasonal Pop Collection comes with Finke’s Sparkling White Blend, and Art of Caramel Variety of 4. If you're just interested in the wine such as myself, feel free to purchase it online using this link. 

A Bubbly Collection

Liz Abere

A Bubbly Collection retails for $50 online and includes Finke’s Sparkling White Blend, Sugarfina Bento set of champagne, sparkling rosé and rosé fruttini candy.  

California Classics Collection

Liz Abere

This California Classics Collection retails for $65 and includes 2018 Pacificana Chardonnay, 2017 Pacificana Zinfandel, and a two set of Riedel Glassware (which is usually somewhat overpriced on its own). 

Compartés x DIME

Liz Abere

This $50 Compartés x DIME seasonal set includes a bottle of 2016 Dime Red Blend and Compartés x Winc dark chocolates, thus making it the perfect gift for someone that loves both chocolate and wine.