As you've heard all your life, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The science behind it states that eating breakfast restores your glucose supply, gets your energy levels up for the day, and literally breaks your overnight fast. But when the snooze button is so appealing in the morning, making time to eat breakfast can seem more like a far-fetched dream than a healthy reality.

School undeniably keeps us very busy, which can sometimes mean studying all hours of the night. This, however, is no excuse to skip breakfast the next morning — if anything, we need the energy even more. These eight back to school breakfast ideas are perfect for busy college students who really need that extra boost to get motivated in the morning.

1. Almond Joy Overnight Oats

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Alixandra Rutnik

No one's stopping you from just eating an actual Almond Joy for breakfast, but unfortunately it's missing the nutrients you need to start your day off right. Instead, make these Almond Joy Overnight Oats. Not only does the almond butter in it provide you with protein and healthy fats, but you can grab it and go just as easily as you can a candy bar.

All you have to do is add the ingredients to a container, keep it chillin' overnight, and snatch it as you're sprinting out the door to get to class on time. So pretty much, eating candy for breakfast is now entirely possible and I am here for it.

2. Quiche Muffins

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Caitlyn Heter

Who doesn't love tiny food? These quiche muffins may seem small, but they pack a big punch of protein to keep you going in the morning. Simply whisk all the ingredients in a bowl, pop 'em in the oven for 20-25 minutes, and voila! You now have enough flavorsome quiche to last you a whole week. Storing them in the freezer means you can take them out whenever you want — just heat them up for two minutes in the microwave, and they're ready to go.

3. 3-Ingredient Cheerio Breakfast Bars

Caroline Ingalls

Cheerios have been a part of my breakfasts since — well —forever. But if you've slept through your alarm, there won't be much time left to pour yourself a bowl of cereal without having to shove it down your throat. With these 3-ingredient cheerio bars, however, you can make them ahead of time and have them prepared for the entire week! How's that for a nostalgic breakfast?

4. Mason Jar Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Anna Loh

Parfaits are definitely one of my go-to meal options when I want something sweet, refreshing, and filling. These mason jar yogurt breakfast parfaits are so simple and completely customizable, making them easy to take with you to class in the morning (while receiving a few jealous looks from your classmates). Like the overnight oats, just put the jar together the night before, refrigerate, and grab it in the morning.

#SpoonTip: You can substitute the fruits listed in the recipe for in-season varieties or fruit preserves.

5. Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

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Emma Lally

This high-protein egg white breakfast sandwich is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger, quelling those mid-class stomach whale calls we all know too well. The beauty of this recipe is that you can follow the ingredients exactly or you can totally reshape the toppings to your liking — whatever you have on hand will work.

Although the sandwich is quick to pull together in the morning, you can make it beforehand to save even more time. Just stick it in the freezer and simply reheat it in the microwave when you're ready to eat so you can take it and go.

6. Pink Protein Smoothie Bowl

Nicola Morris

Get all your protein gains with this Insta-worthy pink protein smoothie bowl. Despite the aesthetics, this breakfast item isn't just here for looks — the addition of protein powder makes it easy to incorporate protein into your diet in a sweet and subtle way. The goji berries, coconut flakes, and fresh fruit on top also add a certain pizazz to the flavor while simultaneously providing nutrient-dense ingredients to the smoothie.

There isn't really much prep work to be done here, but if you still find yourself running out of time, you can just skip the toppings and throw the smoothie in a to-go cup.

7. Avocado Egg Toast

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Amanda Shulman

Finding time to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast has never been easier with this 3-ingredient avocado egg toast. You will automatically become breakfast royalty once you master the art of the runny yolk. Paired with avocado, you have an unstoppable combination that is ridiculously simple and quick to make — no meal prep required!

8. Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil

pizza, cheese, basil
Sasha Kran

Finally — a pizza appropriate for the breakfast table. It's every foodie's dream to find a way to eat pizza for every meal, and now it's totally a real thing with this blackberry ricotta pizza with basil. Three different types of cheeses are brought together alongside blackberries, balsamic glaze, and basil for this unforgettable personal pizza that is filling and sure to wow anyone who tries it.

While you may want to put the pizza together ahead of time, it only takes 8-10 minutes to cook in the oven. Any preparations done the night before would only help you save more time the next day.

Eating breakfast in the morning is actually super do-able if you put the effort into it, which doesn't always have to be a lot. There are so many simple grab-and-go recipes that don't require a lot of time to make but still give you a huge kick-start for your day. It's time to say goodbye to empty stomachs and welcome a positive lifestyle change that will benefit every aspect of your health.